at times there are an infinite number of ways to communicate what I feel as an artist, during others there is no way to communicate how I feel and it is within those moments of challenge & frustration that I feel peace..someone once told me that is the definition of an "adrenaline junkie"

My name is Lisa Peters and I am a Multi Media Artist working from my home studio in Closter, New Jersey.   A few years ago I began creating small works in clay for other artisans to use in their designs and fell in love with the art form.   I am passionate about my "silent" collaborations with future designers and strive to create one of a kind, innovative pieces for them to use as either inspiration for a piece, to complete the vision for one they are working on or somewhere within the creative process.  

Creating these small works has only aroused my desire to continue to work in other mediums such as encaustic, fiber and even film as sometimes I see a whole universe inside the caverns and masses created by my glazes on bead surfaces which immediately identifies with my larger works.   
Some people would like me to categorize myself as a Bead Artist and even though for the last few years it is really all I have been doing I still have not abandoned my love of other media, so for now I am still a Multi Media artist living as a bead artist.   I absolutely love making beads, buttons, cabochons and pendants. 
Years ago when I first starting creating small works, I desired a website where an organized  system of color, size, shape of item could be ordered from a customer  and  that item would arrive exactly as shown a few days later at that customers door.  I found out very quickly that was not how things were going to be for me.   My pieces are one of a kind.  Even if I set out to create a grouping of one style of bead I get to about 3 before I feel the need to change what it looks like.  If on Monday I use a jar of glaze to color all my beads by Tuesday that glaze has been manipulated to never look the same again.  This is what makes me tick and from what I can tell it seems to make my customers tick as well.    I cannot be positive that my work is for everyone but what I can be positive about is that everyone who purchases my work will have something that no one else has to some degree.  If you are looking for a piece to complete your vision that feels like it has come from the heart and soul of the (bead) maker who created it -- then you are in the right place.
I work in Ceramic.  I use all different types of clays and different types of firing methods (*primarily Westernized raku) and my joy comes from the glazed surface and how mysterious I can make it.   I sell to Jewelry & Clothing Designers, Mixed Media & Mosaic Artists and everyone in between.  I have started to broaden my inventory to pieces created with enameling and electroforming  processes and my work sometimes combines PMC, 22k & Mother of Pearl Overglazes with traditional ceramic glazes.   I am forever searching for a fabulous surface that evokes question and emotional response.  It may sound like too much drama goes into one simple button but for me each button is a thing of beauty that deserves all that I can give so that your project can be further embellished by something that was made with as much love and consideration as you did when making it.

Whether you are here to browse the gallery or to purchase works, large or small, please know that I appreciate your interest in my work and look forward to any emails or questions that you may have.  Please feel free to contact me anytime by clicking here:  Lisa Peters

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